• I work directly or indirectly for
a range of companies inc -

• Siemens AG

• Babelmedia
• Lemoine international
• Sony
• Nintendo
• Warner Bros.
• Primax International
• Google
• Ford
• Invent AG
• Commune di Castagneto
• Citibank


SAP translation for Nestlé:

This project involved the translation of about 60,000 words per translator. I took part in the project as a member of a bigger translator team. We translated the documentation and training material for different SAP modules to be implemented at Nestlé.

Lead Translator/Reviewer for a computer game:

In this big project in the area of software localisation I assumed the roles of Lead Translator and Reviewer for a team of 6 translators over a period of 4 months. The game was a football manager so the focus lay on the usage of the correct football terminology, team-spanning consistence in translation and special space restrictions concerning the in-game text. During the project I translated part of the volume myself, reviewed all other translations and coordinated the project. Furthermore I was the main contact for the client.

Software localisation for Cùram:

This project again saw me as a part of a bigger translation team. We had to localize the documentation, user interface and help of a social enterprise management software solution. We had to meet the challenge of localizing a software used in Anglo-American societies with their social and health care systems so that it could be integrated in Germany with differing systems and legal conception.

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