• Professional competence in
• Consistent use of Terminology
• Translation and Proofreading
• Reliability,absolute adher-
ence to delivery dates,
• Certified translations
• Cooperation with freelance
• Native Language: German
• Working language: English,
• Translation directions:


Technical Translations:

I cover translations in the subject fields of technology (IT, medical and communication technology, consumer electronics) marketing, tourism and sport.
The spectrum of texts translated ranges from technical documentation (e.g. data specifications), instruction and operating manuals, user guides, training material and tourism relevant booklets and brochures, travel-oriented literature (travel guides) to corporate communication. This includes commercial/business correspondence, press releases, presentations, information and corporate brochures, marketing collaterals as well as packaging texts and customer magazines. All translations are carried out client-specific with the required technical knowledge and stylistic accuracy.

Furthermore I translate and certify documents (English -> German, German -> English only) such as certificates (e.g. birth, marriage etc) for submission to public authorities at home or abroad.


Localisation means adapting a product to meet the language, cultural and other requirements of a specific target market "locale".
Localisation includes the translation of the user interface, on-line help, software- specific user training and documentation, and includes ensuring that the images and concepts are culturally appropriate and sensitive. There may be subtle cross-cultural considerations, e.g. do the icons make sense in other parts of the world?
Often localisation is the key element ensuring the success of your product or service in a foreign market.
My localisation services include all kinds of online- and computer games, in-game scripts, dialogues, background story and marketing material

Other Services:

Creation and maintenance of corporate or product specific terminology and glossaries in Excel-sheets or Trados Multiterm.
Proof-reading and quality assurance of translated texts.
The grapic design of material and websites can be realised by request by a business partner (a professional grapic designer).

Translations into French, Spanish, Italian and English are handled and proofread by experienced native speakers. For all languages and big projects I cooperate with highly qualified freelance translators.

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